4 Useful Things You Should Know About Roof Cleaning

Is Moss, Lichen, Algae, and Growth On Your Roof Damaging your property?

Moss, algae, lichens, and growth on your roof are not always harmful to the life of your roof tiles. Although, if the growth is restricting the drainage of rainwater you may need to get a professional roof cleaner.

4 top tips for Roof Cleaning

  1. Moss and lichen on your roof can be more damaging on roof tiles and hard surfaces that are shaded and exposed in cold weather or hot weather conditions.

  2. If you have to walk on your roof, take utmost care for your own safety (avoid if untrained) and be aware that your foot traffic can cause roof tiles to break, which can be a costly and avoidable expense.

  3. Bear in mind, power washing (and brushing) can damage or loosen your roof tiles, so ensure great care and expertise is applied when cleaning and removing the growth from your roof.

  4. Only a professional should use a pressure washer on your roof tiles because pressure washing can cause water to get between the roofing tiles and felt leading to damage and unanticipated repair costs.

How can EP Clean help you?

Professional roof cleaners will remove the moss, lichen, and growth from your roof tiles, guttering, fascias, and soffits by using a soft brush or lower pressure washer systems. In doing so, adding value and improving the condition and look of your property.

Contact EP Clean today, to arrange your free on-site roof cleaning estimate on a day and at a time most convenient for you. Or, Clink Link to request a Quote.

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Book Exterior Clean

Remove the dirt, grime, and environmental pollution. Moss, lichen, and algae can also be found growing on your garden and outdoor surfaces, such as decking, driving, patios, pathways, pavings, and more.

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