8 Things To Know About Fleet Washing

How To Clean And Wash Your Dirty Fleet Vehicles Onsite?

If you use a vehicle cleaning business to work on your site, it is your responsibility to provide appropriate facilities. There are strict legal requirements for vehicle washing and cleaning, and the storage, movement and disposal of waste.

8 things you should know about jet washing your fleet vehicles onsite

  1. If you are cleaning and washing dirty vehicles with a high-pressure washer (jet wash), or hand washing engine compartments you must use a designated washing bay.

  2. If you offer an onsite vehicle washing and cleaning service (including franchises), you must use a designated washing area that has proper drainage arrangements if run-off is produced from your activities.

  3. If there isn’t a designated area, your activities might cause pollution and you will be responsible even though you don’t own the site.

  4. If you use a pressure washer in areas where the drainage isn’t collected or connected to the foul sewer, you must stop run-off from entering surface water drains.

  5. Never allow run-off containing cleaning chemicals, detergents or emulsifiers to enter surface water drains as this will cause pollution and prevent oil separators from working properly.

  6. Waste produced from vehicle washing and cleaning businesses can include water contaminated with oil, detergents, silt, sludge, empty containers, product packaging, washing and polishing materials such as cloths.

  7. As a landowner or landlord, you are responsible for trade effluent and surface water discharges, pollution caused by site contractors, service providers and tenants.

  8. If you allow washing and cleaning to take place in an unsuitable area, you might be prosecuted for permitting pollution.

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