How can environmental cleaning save time, effort and money?

Benefits of Environmental Cleaning

Why do you need an environmental cleaning service?

Booking an environmental cleaning service can help you to save time, effort and money.

Graffiti, street art and flyposting on your building exterior, walls and other surfaces can affect property prices and encourage antisocial behaviour.

Maintaining a clean and welcoming appearance for your building exterior will safeguard, prolong and add value to your commercial or residential property.

Get a specialist pressure washing service to effectively and efficiently clean and remove the dirt, graffiti and natural pollution from your property.

What are the benefits of employing a specialist pressure washing service?

Employing a specialist pressure washing service will help you to:

  • Complete twice as much in half the time than you.

  • Operate to the highest standards of service quality.

  • Apply and adhere to best practice, care and safety.

  • Add value to your business, property and home.

What are specialist environmental cleaning services?

Specialist environmental cleaning services can include the cleaning of ceilings and interior walls of warehouses, factories and industrial units.

Pressure washing services are varied, yet essential, especially for the cleaning and maintenance of:

  • Building Facades and Cladding

  • Brickwork and Masonry

  • Car Parks and Forecourts

  • Driveways and Pathways

  • Decking and Patios

  • Escalators and Stairwells

  • Exterior Walls and Fences

  • Garden Furniture, Greenhouses and Sheds

  • Graffiti and Chewing Gum Removal

  • Gutters, Roofs, and Tiles

  • High-rise Windows (Commercial and Residential)

  • Pavements and Paving

  • Playgrounds and Recreational Centres

  • Public Parks and Skate Parks

  • Public and Private Swimming Pools

  • Public Roads and Private Roads

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Shopping Centres and Malls

  • Sport and Recreational Grounds

  • Supermarkets and Shop Fronts

  • and much more

How can EP Clean help you?

Get in touch with EP Clean for your specific environmental cleaning needs and wants and to:

  • Arrange a consultation or telephone meeting to discuss your needs.

  • Get a quote that will meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

  • Book a cheaper, faster and better environmental cleaning service.

  • Benefit from the highest standards of service quality.

EP Clean will save you time, effort and money by maintaining a clean and polished image to your business and home.

Who are EP Clean?

EP Clean Commercial Pressure Washing is a specialist supplier of mobile and onsite Fleet Cleaning and Environmental Cleaning services across London and the South East of England.

The family-run business provides over 27 years experience. Specialist in delivering cheaper, faster and better quality pressure washing services to commercial and residential customers.

How to find more info about EP Clean’s services?

Visit the new website to discover the specialist pressure washing services available. Keep updated with the latest news and take advantage of the special offers.

Check out the Intro Offer for NEW fleet clients that want or need to change their current fleet cleaning supplier for a cheaper, faster and better quality service. This offer is subject to valid proof (in writing) of a current invoice dated within last 3 months for an equivalent service rendered.

Arrange an onsite Free Demo fleet clean to clean one of your vehicles and at firsthand you can test, check and measure the value of EP Clean’s quality of service. Rest assured in the knowledge that you are making an evidence based and informed decision.

“Try Before You Buy”

Book a one-off clean or regular services, mornings or evenings, weekdays or weekends. Select a day, time and frequency that will best suit your needs.

Contact us today, to arrange your one-to-one consultation or telephone meeting.

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Read about the benefits of environmental cleaning services. Discover top tips and opportunities for you to take advantage of. Learn how to save time, effort and money, simply by employing a specialist pressure washing service. Find out how to add value to your business and home by maintaining the clean and polished appearance of your property.

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How do you contact EP clean?

Contact us for a one-to-one consultation or telephone meeting to discuss and determine your needs.

Email us: or call us: 01708 691 619 for more info and further assistance.

Look forward to hearing from you and being of further service to you.

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