What is Effluent?

What is Effluent?

Effluent is the sewage or other liquid waste discharged into water from business, trade or industrial operations. If Effluent is discharged, it can contaminate a water supply.

Effluent discharges are subject to the Environment Agency's regulations. The Environment Agency is a non-departmental public body of the UK government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), its purpose is to protect and improve the environment in England.

What is Trade Effluent?

Trade Effluent is any liquid waste (Effluent), other than surface water and domestic sewage that is discharged from premises being used for business, trade, or industrial processes.

Trade Effluent can come from vehicle washing, building exterior cleaning and other manufacturing activities. It can include wastewater from both industrial and business operations that discharge wastewater.

Regardless of how much Trade Effluent your business discharges, you must comply with the regulations of the Environment Agency.

Trade effluent is wastewater contaminated with a substance such as:

  • fats, oils and greases

  • chemicals

  • detergents

  • food wastes

What Do You Do With Trade Effluent?

If your daily business activities and operations produce Trade Effluent it is your responsibility to ensure not to cause any pollution. You must, either, reuse or dispose of the Trade Effluent, by collecting the foul (contaminated) water or other polluting liquids in a sealed system for reuse, onsite treatment or removal by a register wastewater carrier.

If you have permission from your Water Company you can dispose of Trade Effluent via the foul water drainage. Foul drainage carries the wastewater to a sewage works for treatment, whereas surface water drainage systems carry uncontaminated rainwater (and melted snow and ice) directly to a local river, stream, or soakaway and back into the earth.

How Can EP Clean Help You?

EP Clean is a specialist wastewater carrier registered with Thames Water to dispose of the wastewater (effluent) in line with the Environmental Agency. Providing you with an eco-friendly solution and service to remove and dispose of your Trade Effluent, and in doing so, reducing your environmental impact.

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