What Makes An Intro Offer Special?

How To Add Measurable Value To Your Clients And Business

The Intro Offer from EP Clean Commercial Pressure Washing (London and South East) is designed to attract first-time and new clients. Providing a value-based opportunity for clients to better their existing commercial pressure washing fleet clean contract. This is a great opportunity to attract new clients and build strong relationships from the outset.

What are the benefits of an Intro Offer?

EP Clean's Commercial Pressure Washing Introductory Offer allows New Clients to beat their current contract (on a like-for-like basis) subject to validated written proof of invoice dated within the last 3 months and equivalent services received.

New clients benefit from the one-time Fleet Wash offer and save them time, effort and money. By adding measurable value to the company's bottom line, improving cost efficiency, and maintaining the polished and professional look of their fleet, business and brand.

How can EP Clean help you?

Visit www.epclean.co.uk to take advantage of the special Intro Offer and discover more.

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