Who is EP Clean?


EP Clean is a mobile and onsite commercial pressure washing company based in East London, a family-run business, established 1989, covering London and the South East of England. Over 25-years, providing specialist professional, prompt, and polished commercial pressure washing services to the Freight, Logistics, Road Haulage, and Courier industries.


The polished and professional image of your business is of paramount importance. This is one of the most straightforward and powerful ways for you to promote your business and increase the exposure and awareness of your business and services.

Having at your disposal the experience and expertise of a commercial pressure washing specialist means that you will gain and maintain a professional service that is second to none. Making your property stand out from the crowd and giving your business a sustainable competitive advantage.


Hiring a specialist cleaning expert. Providing services that are in time, in budget, and in tune with your daily activities and operations. Adding value and enhancing your business and property with a bespoke and specialist cleaning program designed and delivered to meet your unique and/or general cleaning needs.

Making the cleaning of your fleet vehicles and property a cost-effective and efficient valued-based investment for your business and property.


Visit the newly launched website www.epclean.co.uk to discover specialist services, such as:

  • Quotes for the onsite Fleet Cleaning of your fleet and pool vehicles;

  • Free Demo to trial a fleet clean of one of your vehicles;

  • Intro Offer for New Clients to better the cost and quality of current contract (on a like-for-like basis) subject to proof of invoice dated within the last 3-months; and

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Fully licensed and insured in line with the Environmental Agency regulations and best practice. Licenses and insurances are made available for your inspection upon request. Guarantee to beat your existing contract on a like for like basis. Subject to the written proof of your invoice dated within the last 3 months.

Free Demo

Arranging a Free Demonstration cleaning to one of your fleet vehicles. Enabling you to gain a first-hand and real-time experience of the professional, prompt and polished service. Ensuring your fleet vehicles are cleaned to a satisfactory level and standard. Surpassing your expectations and giving your customers a positive and lasting impression.

Fleet Cleaning

Cleaning services are carried out during mornings, afternoons or evenings, throughout your working week and weekends. Arranging the one-off, regular, and/or periodical fleet cleaning of your vehicles on the days and times that will best suit your specific needs and run in sync with your business operations, logistics and transport management. Ensuring to reduce your vehicle downtime and cleaning costs. Maintaining the highest service levels, quality standards, and best practice.

Environmental Cleaning

Cleaning building exteriors include the one-off and periodical cleaning of your exterior surfaces and grounds. Removing dirt, grime, and algae from your walls, paving, decking, patio, fences, stone masonry, brickwork, drive, roof, windows and more. Get in touch to discuss removal of street art and flyposting from your buildings, exterior walls, and other surfaces, which can restrict property prices and encourage antisocial behaviour.

Contact EP Clean by email contactepclean@gmail.com or call 01708 691 619 to request further info and arrange a Consultation Meeting to discuss your specific needs.

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Special Offer

Taking full advantage of the Special Introductory Offer for New Clients by improving and bettering your existing contract on a like for like basis. Subject to the validated written proof of your invoice dated within the last 3 months and the equivalent services received.

Visit www.epclean.co.uk to take advantage of the special Intro Offer and Get Quotes for specialist Fleet Clean and Environmental Clean. Maintaining the polished and professional look of your business, vehicles, property, and environment.

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How to contact EP Clean?

Contact EP Clean via email contactepclean@gmail.com or call 01708 691 619 to get Quotes for your onsite Fleet Clean and/or Environmental Clean.

Thank you for reading this and look forward to hearing from you.

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