Why don't you Try It Before You Buy It?

What are the benefits of a Free Demo?

Take full advantage of the Free Demo and 'Try Before You Buy'. In order for you to benefit from specialist onsite and mobile commercial pressure washing to one of your fleet vehicles. In doing so you can:

  • Check levels of service in real-time.

  • Gauge best practice and quality control.

  • Confirm finish is polished and professional.

  • Ensure work is timely and cost effective.

Request a Free Demo high-power jet wash Fleet Clean to one of your vehicles. Schedule a day and time in sync with your fleet and transport management.

Confirm quality standards, ensure value for money, and approve the polished and professional look of your fleet vehicles.

Why is a free demo important?

Try Before You Buy in order for you to:

  • Monitor and measure prompt and polished clean.

  • Determine quality standards and value for money.

  • Add value to your fleet and transport management.

  • Enhance the efficiency of your business activities.

Why Offer a Free Demo?

Offering a Free Demo helps to attract potential customers in order to convert them into clients. Providing a great opportunity for customers to check and measure the fleet cleaning service and quality standards at first hand and face value.

How can a Free Demo help business?

Request Free Demonstration to experience cleaning service. Get a specialist commercial pressure washing fleet clean to trial the professional and prompt fleet cleaning to one of your fleet vehicles (i.e. lorries, flatbeds, cabs, containers, trailers, vans, coaches, buses, and more.) Saving you money, energy, resources, and time on your fleet cleaning, vehicle logistics, transport management, and business activities.

What was in the last post?

Read the last post 6 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Fleet Vehicles Clean' to learn how to keep your fleet vehicles looking highly polished and professional.

book A FREE demo fleet clean today

How can EP Clean help you?

New clients order now to take advantage of the Special Introductory Offer to get your Fleet jet washed and cleaned by commercial pressure washing specialists. At the same time benefit from bettering your existing contract on a like-for-like basis. Offer is subject to validated written proof of your invoice dated within the last 3 months and equivalent services received.

Visit www.epclean.co.uk to take advantage of the special Intro Offer and Get Quotes for specialist Fleet Clean and Environmental Clean. Maintaining the polished and professional look of your business, vehicles, property, and environment.

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How to contact EP Clean?

Contact us via email contactepclean@gmail.com or call 01708 691 619 to get Quotes for your onsite Fleet Clean and Environmental Clean.

Wishing you and yours great days, times and continued success.

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